Ivy News!
APPLICATIONS - Ivy is now accepting applications for next year!
Please get your application in early so that we can honor any special requests you may have.

We are again asking everyone - please put your bikes in your apartment while you are not riding them. Locking them anywhere outside is risking it being stolen.
Bike thefts are occurring all around the City of Newark.
If yours is stolen, please contact the Newark Police immediately so they can investigate. If you insist on locking them outside, please use a strong lock that cannot be broken by bolt cutters. DO NOT attach your lock to the ropes which can easily be cut by someone intending on taking your bike.

The OFFICE spaces are for Office Personnel Only!
We are towing those parked in the office spaces!
Please do NOT park in the office spaces #72-76.

Is Your Apartment Award Worthy?

We are very much interested in photographing your talent in decorating your apartment and displaying it on our website. If you believe your apartment is the best of the best at Ivy, let us know.

Getting ready to move-out?
Please be sure to fill out your "Forwarding Address / Security Deposit Refund" Form available in our office or on our "
Forms" page.

All agreements made with incoming or outgoing tenants must be in writing and
a copy submitted to our office!