If you are sending a package, please address it to the apartment and not to the office.
Our preferred delivery services are:
US Postal Service, UPS and FEDEX.
Our building doors are locked. Each of the regular carriers listed above has a key of their own.
Deliveries can then be according to their schedules and not ours.
If you use one of the above carriers,
they will make several attempts to deliver the package directly to the apartment!


 If you are expecting a package, please determine who the carrier is.
This information is important for tracking and understanding routine delivery procedures.
If the carrier is one listed above, they will attempt to deliver the package directly to your apartment.
They have their own key to all building doors, so evening deliveries
and Saturday deliveries can also be attempted.
If you know the day your package is coming,
you should arrange to be in your apartment.
If you cannot be there,
someone else should be.
If no one can be there, you can leave a note for the delivery person directing
where you want your package to be delivered to (such as another apartment)
or ask them to re-deliver or you can request to pick it up.

The office should not be involved in package delivery.
We have received perishables, medicines, and other important packages
that have sat in our office for days even weeks!
On rare occasions we may accept them IF we are contacted 1st
and we authorize it to be delivered to us.
The sender should also contact the receiver to inform them as to
where the package will be delivered.

Under NO circumstances will we accept a package
without both the
sender and receiver's knowledge. 

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