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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the process to get an apartment?

                Once you complete an application and get it to our office, it is stamped with the date and you are put on our waiting list.  Current tenants must give our office 60-day notice if they intend to move out of their apartment at the end of their lease.  Often times, tenants know before then if they will be moving out and will let us know earlier.  Once we receive notice that an apartment will be available, we contact the next applicant on our waiting list and offer the available apartment.  We do our best to accommodate any preferences noted on the application based on what we have to offer at the time.  If you choose to accept the assignment, the next steps would be paying the deposits (security deposit and the first month's rent) and signing the lease.  We send you an email with all the details at that time.  We do our very best to make the process simple and stress-free! 


What are the chances of me getting an apartment?

                We cannot say with certainty.  We don’t know who is moving out and who is renewing their lease until they let us know.  Tenants must give us 60-day notice if they are moving out.  Often times, we know earlier than that and then sometimes an apartment will open up at the last minute due to certain circumstances.  The best thing to do is to get an application in early.  We will let you know as soon as we have something available for you.


Will you let me know that my application was approved?

                We will only contact you if there is a problem with your application.  If it is incomplete or in some way insufficient, we will let you know that we need additional information.  If everything checks out fine and is approved, you are on the waiting list and will hear from us if/when we have an apartment to assign you.  If you’d like to make sure, you can always call or email us and ask for confirmation that your application was approved.


What if I don’t want the apartment assigned to me?

                No problem.  You can decline the assignment.  You would go back on the wait list and we will let you know when/if something else becomes available that might match your preferences more closely. Be aware that if you decline an apartment, your application fee is NOT refundable and you risk not being assigned an apartment again if one does not become available.


Do you assign roommates to live together?

                No.  It is important that you are comfortable with who you are living with.  If you need help finding a roommate, we are happy to help by passing on any contact information of others in your same situation looking for a roommate.  You can then reach out and see if you would be a good match.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find a roommate if you want/need one.  We do not blindly assign roommates to share an apartment.


Can I bring my dog/cat?

                Absolutely!  Ivy is pet friendly!  Please see our Pet Agreement and be sure to get approval from our office before your fur baby moves in with you!  We do not allow puppies under 6 months (this includes any puppy training programs, sorry!) and the limit is 2 pets per apartment.  We do not have breed restrictions, all owners are responsible for their animals.  Dogs must be on leashes when outside of your apartment on Ivy Hall property. 


Are the apartments furnished?

                No.  We do have a very limited inventory of major furniture items that are available on a first come, first served basis.  We cannot guarantee any particular piece.  When you move in, if you'd like to look at what we have and borrow something, you may.  A refundable security deposit may apply depending on what you borrow. 

Can I schedule a tour?

                We do not have a model apartment for showing purposes.  All of our rental units are lived in.  The office itself is set up in a two-bedroom apartment in Building E.  You are welcome to come by anytime during office hours and take a look around to get an idea of what the apartments look like inside.  You can also see the pictures here on our website and on our Facebook page!


Do you accept credit card payments?    

                Yes!  Tenants are now able to make payments online!  Please be aware that there is a convenience fee associated with online payments.  If you choose to pay using your checking account online, the fee is a flat rate of $2.95 per payment.  If you choose to pay with a debit or credit card, the fee is a percentage of the payment being made and is subject to change depending on the type of card you are using (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.).  Please also be aware that payments made from a checking account will typically take one business day to clear.  However, credit card payments can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to clear.  Rent is due on the 1st of each month and a late fee is assessed to your account if we do not receive payment by the 5th so please schedule credit card payments accordingly to avoid a late fee.  


Can my roommate and I pay separately?

                Yes.  Rent can be paid by cash, check or money order in one lump sum, or by each roommate individually.  How you decide to split the rent with your roommate(s) is up to you.  As long as the full rent is paid each month, we are happy!

What happens with packages?

                Our buildings are locked.  Packages should ALWAYS be addressed to your specific apartment.  Most of the major carriers will deliver during our office hours and we will accept packages in our office as a courtesy.  We do not have control over what the delivery companies do; if your package was delivered outside of the building or says it was and you can't find it, you will need to contact the company responsible for delivery (not Ivy Hall).  It is up to you to track your package and come by the office to pick them up (or send a friend to pick up for you). If picking up your packages during office hours is not convenient for you, you could consider having packages sent to your workplace, a friend or family member's home, a P.O. Box or using a UPS drop location/locker.

Does Ivy Hall allow subletting?  What is the process?

                Yes.  Subletting is when a third-party rents or “subleases” the property from the original tenant(s). This third party will now live in the rental and assume the rental payments.  We do allow subletting.  Finding a subletter is the responsibility of the tenant.  We strongly recommend that our tenants write up an agreement with their subletter(s) and have it notarized.  The office does not have anything to do with that agreement.  The tenant on the lease agreement remains responsible for the condition of the apartment as well as rent payment.  Subletters can pay our office directly during their stay, making sure to indicate which apartment their payment is for to avoid confusion. If a tenant has roommates, the roommates must provide written consent to the subletter arrangement (an email is sufficient).  Our office requires the name and contact info of any subletters at Ivy. 

Still have questions?  We have answers! CONTACT US!

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